VIDEO: Bob Hogan on the Nature of Human Nature

According to Hogan Assessments founder Robert Hogan, life is about competition. There’s competition within groups to attain status, and those who win generally are those with good social skills. There’s also competition between groups, and the groups with the strongest leaders win in this arena.

Competition within groups is what fascinates and entertains people. However, competition between groups, such as the increasing rivalry between the United States and China, has real worldwide consequences.

In a new video, Robert Hogan takes on these topics and more, in “The Nature of Human Nature.”

VIDEO: The Hogan High Potential Talent Report

Over the years, we’ve discovered growing enthusiasm for identifying leadership potential, since talented leaders drive success. Unfortunately, many organizations make a critical mistake at the very beginning of the process – they don’t define potential in a way that leads to the selection of strong leaders.

Through our decades of research, we’ve found the person who draws attention to himself and performs well at his role may turn out to be a dud as a manager. And those who might perform best at the role might never get the opportunity to lead since they focus on their job and don’t draw attention.  

The Hogan High Potential Talent Report can help. This new video will walk you through the process, from our streamlined definition of success to personality characteristics of effective leaders.

Humility: The Cure for a Know-It-All

No one likes a know-it-all.

They’ve annoyed us all by talking down to us about anything and everything, even when it’s obvious they know far less than they believe. But know-it-alls don’t just ruin watercooler gatherings and dinner parties. When they rise to positions of power, they can wear away at productivity and trigger costly mistakes.


Joann S. Lublin wrote an entertaining article on the subject in the Wall Street Journal. She interviewed a number of self-professed former know-it-alls that caused major problems for themselves and their companies, such as losing over $2 million on a home purchase, hiring an unsuitable job candidate, and not asking subordinates for their input.

The know-it-all causes all kinds of professional headaches. They don’t try to learn about an issue or ask for help, which leads to poor decisions. They ignore some people or are condescending to others, which leads to a toxic work environment. They project a false aura of power and knowledgeability, which gets them promoted into jobs they might not actually be able to perform.

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VIDEO: Big Data Is Nothing New to Hogan

The trend toward Big Data shows no signs of slowing down, as businesses, organizations, and governments continue incorporating new technology in the race to collect an almost unfathomable amount of information. But a more critical problem remains – what do you do with all that data? How can you find something useful within?

In this video, Ryne Sherman, Chief Science Officer at Hogan Assessments, discusses how Hogan has embraced Big Data from the very beginning in order to study one of the most complex subjects of all – the human mind.

It’s Time to Stop Vilifying Ambition

The concept of ambition has a bad reputation in popular culture. The textbook definition – a strong desire to achieve something, typically through determination and hard work – seems innocuous, but the word is often associated with destructive consequences. Napoleon, Stalin, and Hitler were ambitious, and that cost the world millions of lives. On a smaller scale, it’s easy to picture ambitious businesspeople who put their careers ahead of the wellbeing of their employees or family. But at Hogan, we think about ambition in more positive terms, and believe that to ignore ambition is to miss a crucial component of human personality.

For many years, psychological science has ignored, and even vilified ambition. Freud decreed ambitious people to be neurotic and potential father murderers, and Jung felt that ambitious people suffer from a “regressive restoration of the persona” which blocks their potential for personal growth. Even during the development of modern personality assessment, ambition has been ignored. Neither the well-known Five-Factor Model nor the six-factor HEXACO personality inventory assess ambition, and both of these models claim to be comprehensive.

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Agility Today, Something Else Tomorrow


*This article was originally published on November 2 by People Matters.

Agility in leadership is about the ability to effectively balance factors that drive organizational performance at a rapid pace. But does moving quickly, integrating data, and engaging staff really require a different type of leadership?

The leadership consulting industry loves catchphrases. Popular ones include transformational leadership, servant leadership, boundless bravery, coherent confidence, learning agility, grit, and now agile leadership. These are all superfluous words consultants use to keep their work current in the eyes of consumers.

The challenge with all these phrases is the majority are just a repackaging of what we have known for a long time: personality predicts leadership performance. The lens through which personality is viewed – and the buzzwords – can change; but in the end, personality is just that: personality.  

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Hogan to Expand Global Learning Program in 2019

Certification ImageHogan will expand its Global Learning offerings in 2019 with the new Hogan Advanced Interpretation Workshop.

The one-day workshop will focus on how to analyze themes and connect personality scales across Hogan’s core assessments, allowing attendees to gain a deeper understanding of how to extract maximum interpretive value from Hogan scales and subscales. Jackie Sahm, Hogan’s Director of Global Learning, said the new program was developed based on two years of participant feedback.

“In early 2017 we launched the Hogan Level 2 Certification Workshop, which focused more on advanced feedback delivery of Hogan profiles,” said Sahm. “What we discovered in post-workshop surveys was there was also a popular demand to take a deeper dive into Hogan scale interpretation. So, we decided to expand our program offerings accordingly as part of our commitment to create the best user experience possible.”

Beginning in January 2019, Hogan will offer the following workshops in the United States: Read More »

Awair Hosts Italian Hogan Certified Community in Milan

Awair LogoAwair, an authorized Hogan distributor in Italy, Spain, and France, hosted an event on November 14 in Milan attended by nearly 50 members of the Italian community of Hogan Certified talent management experts. The lively session allowed participants to network, expand their knowledge of Hogan competencies, and to share experiences. 

Over the years, the community of certified people has been growing significantly, and many of the participants have shown interest in meeting and exchanging ideas. With facilitation by Andrea Facchini, Awair Partner and Hogan expert, Awair launched the first Italian Hogan Certified Community, with a remarkable turnout of people ready to share their Hogan knowledge at the November 14 event.

During the meeting, Andrea introduced three main topics requested by participants via survey (Report Selection: How to choose the most appropriate Hogan product. Feedback & delivery: Sharing success and stories and lessons learned, as well as tips for more creative and efficient feedback. Report interpretation: How to handle critical profiles and to look at interdimensional conflicts from a different angle) and then opened the floor to the participants for continued interaction and discussion.

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Don’t Tell Mom, the Babysitter’s a Fake

Fake iStockA recent article in the Washington Post described a new service from a company called Predictim that claims to help people find the perfect babysitter. The service scans the would-be sitter’s entire Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram history, then uses recent advances in personality and data analytics to assess four “personality features” — propensity toward Bullying / Harassment, Disrespectfulness / Bad Attitude, Explicit Content, and Drug Abuse.

At face value, this type of service has merit. There is a plethora of recent research demonstrating that social media profiles and word use on Twitter reflect the personalities of their users. Thus, it is sensible to think you could combine social media profiles and behavior to predict how a person might behave on the job.

However, these services ignore a long history of research showing that people strongly respond to incentives and will modify or even falsify their responses to succeed. This is a major problem, not just for Predictim, but for any service offering to evaluate someone’s work potential on the basis of their social media pages. Let me explain.

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Nicole Neubauer, metaBeratung Featured at Rethink! HR Tech Europe

Meta RethinkNicole Neubauer, CEO of metaBeratung, an official Hogan distributor in Europe, was recently featured at Rethink! HR Tech Europe in Berlin along with members of her team. Neubauer presented on the importance of valid assessments during the conference.

The event, attended by more than 150 CHROs and HR decision-makers from renowned European companies such as Siemens, Daimler, and SAP, is considered one of Europe’s leading HR summits.

Presenting alongside Neubauer was Lidija Sljeric, senior talent manager at Mondi AG. Over the past two years, metaBeratung has worked alongside Mondi to implement new, cutting-edge processes for employee selection and development by integrating Hogan’s assessments. The project’s success was directly responsible for the selection of Neubauer and Sljeric as featured presenters at the event.

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